Rev. Donna’s Healing Modalities

Ihave studied many different healing modalities. Among them are very advanced quantum energy healing techniques. I began with Reiki training in 2001 and became a Reiki Master in 2003. Since then, I have learned many more modalities from an array of gifted teachers. I describe below some of the major energy healing modalities that have been very powerful in helping my clients receive transformational healing and powerful breakthroughs.
Quantum Energy Healing

Arcturian Healing Light® (AHL)

This modality was channeled by Dr. Gene Ang, a former neurobiologist from Yale University. Gene channeled this very powerful healing modality from higher beings from the star system Arcturus as a form of divine healing.
The purpose of AHL is to reawaken one’s Soul purpose in life and to dissolve any of the blockages (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) to the awareness and manifestation of that purpose.

AHL® – Level 1

AHL is a form of light, energy, and information meant to accelerate a person’s evolution.  I have received the special AHL energetic attunement that enables me to transmit AHL for others.
Some of the issues AHL can address are life path alignment and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

AHL® – Level 2

At this level of AHL, I received three different activated encodings that I am able to share with others. With these activations, my physical body is able to hold more light and advanced evolutionary consciousness.
Dr. Gene Ang
Dr. Gene Ang, pictured here during a retreat in Sedona, AZ, teaches a class at the Airport vortex atop one of Sedona’s magnificent red rocks.
The first of these encodings, the Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA), can help link you more strongly to your divine blueprint and divine matrix. This activation allows this divine idea or blueprint from these higher and more subtle levels to more clearly and easily manifest in the physical dimension in its complete form. This healing work is very helpful for those searching for their right and perfect career path or their life purpose. The full soul blueprint energy work takes 240 minutes (four hours) and can be spaced out between multiple sessions along with counseling and other healing work.
The second encoding, the Arcturian Nervous System Activation (ANA), helps with central nervous system issues. Whether you have anxiety attacks, problems going to sleep or any mood or mental disorders, ANA can facilitate nervous system healing and help you feel calmer and more relaxed.
The third encoding, the Arcturian Glandular System Activation (AGA), upgrades the endocrine system and its glands so that the entire physical body is functioning at a higher attuned level. The endocrine system is the long-term physiological mechanism keeping the body in health. This segment of AHL can help with any endocrine system issues such as low functioning thyroid and overstressed adrenal glands.
At this AHL level, I can also work on cellular re-patterning and reprogramming of cells. I can also use advanced quantum spin and resonance techniques for improving health and life situations and releasing thoughts and patterns that don’t serve you. I can also work with symbols to help heal you, along with other advanced quantum healing methods.
Arcturian Healing Light
Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA)
Arcturian Nervous System Activation
Arcturian Nervous System Activation (ANA)


Arcturian Glandular System Activation
Arcturian Glandular System Activation (AGA)


AHL® – Level 3

This AHL level offers an array of new healing tools, including building you your own personal temple infused with whatever templates you need and access to the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge, a powerful way to connect quickly and powerfully with Arcturian Healing Light. Using AHL, Level 3, I can also connect with three new powerful AHL energies to share with you along with wisdom transmitted from Arcturian guides.
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Access Consciousness’ Running the Bars®

Access Consciousness’ Running the Bars®, channeled by Gary Craig and co-taught by Gary Craig and Dr. Dain Heer, involves activation of 32 points or “bars” around the head using light touch that help release points of view, judgments, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve a person involving all areas of one’s life (healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, money, and more). The session, which is very calming and relaxing, takes one hour and is done separately from other modalities. For more information, go to

Matrix Energetics®

Matrix Energetics®, introduced by Dr. Richard Bartlett and co-taught by Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson, involves dissolving and replacing patterns of energy and information so that something new can show up. These patterns of stuck information can be causing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. There is a wide range of imaginative possibilities to solve problems when working with Matrix Energetics. From using alchemy and magic, to an array of quantum, psychic and other healing techniques, extraordinary possibilities open up when working with Matrix Energetics energies and the Matrix Energetics angels. Solutions for healing and abundance within Matrix Energetics are only limited by thoughts, creativity and imagination. For more information, go to

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing®, introduced by Dr. Eric Pearl, brings in a high frequency light and information to restore balance. A highly advanced energy modality, Reconnective Healing is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information. It allows for healings that affect you at all levels of healing. The energies continue to work after a session has concluded. Following sessions, clients will be attuned to a more comprehensive and evolutionary healing frequency than before. For serious illnesses, three sessions within a relatively short time are recommended. For more information, go to

Quantum Spin Techniques

Quantum Spin is used to open, clear and energize chakras and help you in any way possible on any level, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Quantum Prayer Healing

This is a technique I developed following a spoon and fork bending class I took. When an unbendable fork easily folds in my hands after I have done some quantum techniques, I know the power of thoughts, intentions and prayers are heard and made manifest. So when I do a Quantum Prayer, I know I have set something very powerful in motion.
When I do a Quantum Prayer, I drop down in my heart into a zero-point field of love where all miracles are possible. There I see  a vision of your happiest and healthiest self and bring that vision down into this dimension to resonate with you and all you are currently experiencing. I also ask God to pour in special grace and add it to this vision because there is always something better than you or I could ever imagine.
AHL-Level 3
Arcturian Healing Level 3


Matrix Energetics®
Matrix Energetics®


Quantum Spin
Quantum Spin Techniques


Angel Attunements

In classes leading up to my angel minister ordination, I have learned how to call in specific angels and channel messages from them. Additionally, I can also request that the specific energies of a particular angel merge into a client’s energy field. That way, the client becomes attuned to that angelic energy and the client’s vibration is immediately raised.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

I sometimes will use EFT if there is a particular traumatic event affecting a client’s psyche or if they have some repetitive negative thoughts looping over and over again. EFT can help short-circuit the wiring of those thoughts so a client can move on and not get stuck in negativity and worry.
Quantum Prayer Healing
Quantum Prayer Healing



Angel Attunements
Angel Attunements



The Journey Processes

I have taken several Journey Intensive classes and can use either an emotional or physical Journey Process to help a client forgive hurts in the past. I use Journey Processes particularly in cases where a client needs to forgive others, especially family members, to free themselves from their anger and help them move forward to a new way of looking at past situations. The physical Journey Process can help a client understand the foundation of why an illness is happening and what part of the body the client is guided to travel to can reveal a lot about what might be going on in a client’s life. I can also do journey processes around beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward.
The Journey Process
The Journey Process


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