• “Time to Awaken to Joy and Abundance”

    Single Counseling and Healing Session

    This 1.5-hour Skype video session is designed to help you discover more joy and abundance in all you do. Together we will explore what’s been going on in your life; where you are now; where you would like to be; and what you would like to achieve.
    In uncovering patterns and places where you are and have been stuck in your life, together we will work to help bring awareness to your thoughts, beliefs and habits of mind that may be blocking your joy and abundance. The goal of the session is to help free you from whatever has been weighing you down and making it difficult for you to be happy or move forward on your path.

    One of the goals of this session is to help you move forward on your path of joy and abundance with more ease and grace. Photo from Sascha Beck from www.freeimages.com.

    Working with an angelic team, I will do an angel card reading and seek invaluable counsel from the angels. Overseeing my “Time to Awaken” work with clients are Archangels Remliel, the Angel of Awakening, Fortunata, the Angel of Prosperity, Ramaela, the Angel of Joy, Micah, the Angel of your Divine Plan, and Ooniemme, the Angel of Gratitude.
  • “Embraced by Twin Flame Love and Wisdom”

    Counseling and Healing Sessions for Couples

    These two 1.5-hour Skype video sessions are designed to help couples address and resolve any problems affecting their marriage or relationship. It is also for couples who want to rekindle the lost spark in their relationship; to understand one another better; and to build an even stronger foundation for their love and future.
    For couples who might be thinking of parting ways, this session can address their issues that are causing friction and keeping them apart. Together we can see if any solutions are possible to bring them back together.

    This session is for couples who want to rekindle the lost spark in their relationship. Photo by Stachoo from www.freeimages.com.

    This session is also for those who want the combined wisdom and intuition of Rev. Donna and the brilliance and compassion of her husband Sharbel, a talented engineer, team leader and inspirational coach.
    Sharbel, who is from Beirut, Lebanon, is part of a Middle Eastern culture where it is very common for families to love and take care of one another. Divorce is not common in Lebanon because marriage for most involves a very strong bond of love. It also reflects a deep commitment of honoring and supporting your spouse through good times and challenging ones.

    An inspirational and spiritual coach, Sharbel feels a strong mission to help couples resolve differences and affirm their love for one another. Photo by Donna El Haber, 2019. All rights reserved.

    When Sharbel came to the United States, he was heartbroken to learn how common divorce is in the United States. He saw how difficult divorce is for so many families, especially for the children involved. Because of all he has seen and heard from those who have been through divorces, he feels a strong mission to help couples, however and whenever he can, resolve their differences. A gentle man of peace and wisdom, he is an excellent mediator who can help those in conflict.
  • In this one-hour single session, I will work with you to explore reasons why your pet is missing, connect with your pet,  hone in on possible places where your pet might be, and work with the angelic realm, saints, guides and the animals in your home to help you find your pet and to create a safe space for your pet to return to you.



To learn more about Rev. Donna, her “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” and which of her services would best help you, you can send an email to info@lovehealingandmiracles.com. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute get-acquainted phone session with her to see if she can help you or your pet.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life” e-book. I wrote this e-book in response to what my clients and friends most wanted to attract into their lives. It provides a wealth of information to help you heal, move forward, open your heart, and take positive action to attract more love into your life. For more information about my love e-book that can help your heart open to so much more love, click here.


I invite you to download for free the first 10 ways from my “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” e-book. I wrote this e-book to help guardians and pets develop deeper, more positive relationships, and to promote the health and well-being of so many beloved dogs. As guardians, we owe our dogs the best quality of lives we can offer them. As Maya Angelou once shared with Oprah Winfrey, “When we know better, we do better.” For more information about my e-book to help guardians and their dogs, click here.
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