Doing this small act of random kindness reminded me of a weekend spiritual retreat I attended in New Jersey a number of years ago. You can read about the retreat here on a blog post that is still on my former blog post site.
At the retreat, I received a gift from someone I had partnered with for the weekend and also gave him a gift in return. As we were admiring our gifts, we soon learned that everyone at the retreat had to find someone they didn’t know and give their gift away with love. It was a big lesson in non-attachment and service. I wound up giving my gift to the first person I saw upon leaving the hotel, someone who needed the “light” and hope the candle I gifted her with provided.
In that post, I also share about how Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of the Tellington TTouch Method, asked students in a Tellington TTouch training that I organized to buy and exchange gifts. I played music as the students walked around clockwise and counterclockwise in two circles. When I stopped the music, students in the two circles faced one another and exchanged their gifts.