The “Break Through to Break Free Process™ enables you to experience breakthroughs so you can “break free” from old limiting patterns and internal programs that keep you stuck. The process enables you to connect with God, the angels, ascended masters, star beings and your eternal soul for healing on many deep levels.
This “Break Through to Break Free Process™ will help you uncover blocks to awakening, success, prosperity, health, life purpose, divine potential and love. In this process, you will also discover that no matter where you are on the path of your Divine Plan, you are so loved and already have all you need to move forward in your life.
This process includes preparing sacred space, counseling, angelic guidance, meditation, music, advanced energy healing and Quantum Prayer, among other possible components. It will help you love yourself more, open to forgiveness for yourself and others, and then allow you to open to more love in your life and a deeper connection with God and the angels. With that deeper connection, your thoughts, consciousness and vibration will all be elevated. With a more open and receptive heart, this process enables you to open to more love, healing and miracles and to more blessings, abundance and grace. You can see a chart and further description of this process by clicking here.
Niscroc, The Angel of Freedom