My journey into the world of energy healing began in 2001 when I attended a grief group led by a Roman Catholic chaplain in a local hospital. She told me to register for a Reiki class being taught by a nurse at the hospital. I went from Reiki I to becoming a Reiki Master in two years. Then throughout the years, I was guided to different classes and teachers. I kept on learning more and more and received a variety of activations that have led me to become an advanced energy healer, working with energy and healing on the quantum level, working with angels, ascended masters, and with a variety of light beings in different dimensions.
Some of you may be searching for work that makes your heart sing. For many years, I was searching for work that would make me deeply happy. Joseph Campbell called it “finding your bliss.” I took many classes on this subject while I was a writer and editor and as a corporate communications and public relations professional. It wasn’t until I began doing my healing work and later began working with animals and with the spiritual realm that I found my true calling. It all came together step by step as one class and teacher led to the other. I am so deeply grateful to be doing the work I love. It is a beautiful gift from God and the angels.
Donna and Harry