Calvan, Chloe and Gidget All Love Tellington TTouch Work

My two cats, Calvan and Chloe, both had a beautiful experience with Donna, whose gift they (and I) truly appreciated very much. Her TTouch method is very effective and the animals responded to her as if they were drawn to a magnet. It was very impressive to watch her gentle and soothing style as she won their hearts.

Calvan is my absolutely amazing “people person,” part Maine Coon cat, (who attracts even those who don’t like cats) who has a sparkling personality and compelling style. Chloe is my beautiful gray Tortoise cat who is shy and reticent, and slow to trust. Once you have earned her trust, however, she is yours for life.

Calvan poses in the kitchen.

Well, Chloe fell in love with Donna and allowed her to not only pet and soothe her, but she allowed Donna to gently wrap her in a very safe and comforting TTouch wrap. She settled down and started purring immediately. I was amazed at how my usually so shy cat was so comfortable with Donna and so open to the work she was doing with her TTouch wand. My shy Chloe actually became very playful.