Those Who Are the Best Match for Working with Me

Colorful Puzzle
Those who receive the best results from working with me most often have these characteristics:
    • Spiritual seekers
    • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward
    • Seeking new answers to old issues
    • Seeking to move from a paradigm of victim to victor
    • Committed to moving forward
    • Invested in their own progress
    • Open-minded
    • Love animals and nature
    • Intelligent, caring and highly motivated
    • Creative and open to new ideas and ways of doing things
    • Believe in continuous learning
    • Committed to personal growth
    • Look forward to our work together
    • Get excited about their “breakthroughs”
    • Appreciate the value of our work together
    • Like to invest in themselves and their future
    • Feel blessed to be in a positive energetic exchange of giving and receiving with me
    • Follow through on their commitments
    • Understand that growth is a process, not a quick fix
    • Are there for the long haul
    • Are in their integrity
    • Show up on time and are respectful of others’ time and feelings
    • Want to take action, if even only baby steps at first
    • Seek deeper fulfillment, more joy and abundance in their lives
    • Seek transformation and more balance
    • Easily refer others to me
    • Are happy to offer great testimonials

Those Who Are NOT the Best Match for Working with Me

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Those who are not the best match  to work with me usually have some of the following characteristics:
    • Resistant to change and new ideas
    • Rigid in beliefs
    • Blame others rather than looking inward to solve problems
    • Have a hard time following through on commitments
    • Not serious or committed to feeling better and making changes
    • Refuse to step out of their comfort zone
    • Do not believe in God, the angels and other beings of light