“Pets in Transition and Beyond” Single Session

This 1.5-hour Skype video session can support pets going through challenges that many senior dogs and cats that are very sick are facing. This session can also help provide comfort, support and guidance for guardians who are doing their best to help their pets at this difficult time.
I was grateful to have been there for Jeanne and her beloved Matty Rose, 14, when she was nearing the end of her time here. My work with Jeanne and Matty Rose inspired the creation of this kind of session. I also helped Jeanne when her beloved sweet young dog, Henry, developed cancer. You can read her testimonial on the pet testimonial page.
Henry Swimming

Sweet and handsome Henry was very young when he developed a kind of aggressive cancer. I helped Henry and his guardian Jeanne during this challenging time. Henry and his sister Matty Rose will always remain in my heart for the courage both showed and the deep love they had for Jeanne and each other. Photo by Jeanne Heil. All rights reserved.

I also understand deeply what guardians of senior pets are going through as I faced that too when my senior dog Socrates, almost 14, was approaching his final years, months and days here.  I wish I had known of someone back then that I could trust who was offering this type of session and support for Socrates and me. Through counseling, health consult recommendations and referrals, animal communication, advanced energy healing, prayer work and other offerings, I will provide guidance, love and support for you and your pet.

My dog Socrates was almost 14 in this picture. He was greeting his new brother, Harry, 8 weeks old, for the first time. Socrates would have only three more weeks to live before Harry would step in to help heal my heart. I wish I had known someone who could have provided different ways to support me and Socrates through this difficult transition.