What is expected of me?

When you request a get-acquainted session with me, I will send you links to my Frequently Asked Questions page, the Interview with Me page and my Testimonials page. I request that you read each of these pages thoroughly before speaking with me so you are clear about who I am, how I might help you, and the services and packages I offer.
I will also send you a brief list of questions for you to answer and send back to me at least a day before our scheduled call. That way our call can be focused on the answers to your questions and any additional questions you may have. I especially appreciate clients who are  willing to make a commitment to themselves and to me, are excited about diving deep and  exploring issues in their lives, while making progress and moving forward on their divine life path. After reading the pages, answering the list of questions I send you and emailing them back to me, you can then choose a time to meet with me at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber. Then all you have to do is show up on time for your get-acqainted session with an open heart and mind. If all goes well and we find the chemistry to be right, then we can select a program that would best match your needs and schedule your first appointment.
Diving Deep

About the Author:

Rev. Donna Ellen El Haber, an interfaith angel minister and advanced energy healer for people and pets, channels love, healing and miracles from God and the angels to help people and pets transform, heal and move forward with more ease, grace and balance. She works with creative, intelligent, spiritual seekers struggling to break free from old patterns and who want to attract more love, abundance, joy and fulfillment into their lives. What separates her work from others in her field is her rich array of healing and other modalities she can use to best suit a client’s needs. Clients have referred to her as “the healer of healers” because of her keen intuitive insights and the high-caliber advanced quantum energy healing she channels. Known for her transformational healing work, Rev. Donna enables clients to have “breakthroughs” in her sessions. When they “break through,” they can then “break free” from past limitations and receive the guidance and healing they need to move forward and open to more love, healing, miracles and abundance. If you would like to have a free 30-minute get-acquainted phone session, you can schedule an appointment with Rev. Donna at www.meetme.so/donnaelhaber.

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To learn more about Rev. Donna, her “Break Through to Break Free Process™,” and which of her services would best help you, you can send an email to info@lovehealingandmiracles.com. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute get-acquainted phone session with her to see if she can help you or your pet.


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